Portfolio Companies

home.pl Hosting and domain registration services Acquired in 2012 Status: Exited Poland

logo_homeLeading provider of internet hosting and domain registration services in Poland offering a comprehensive range of internet related outsourcing services for corporate and individual clients. The company is operating since 1997 and provides shared hosting services, domain registration services, dedicated servers, cloud servers, security products, such as SSL certificates, email accounts, e-commerce products, domain auction platform. home.pl is the largest provider of „.pl” domain registration services and is among top 10 largest global providers of „.eu” domains. The company has over 200 employees. V4C acquired a controlling stake in the company in 2011 and sold through a competitive auction to a strategic buyer in 2015.

For more details about the company please visit: www.home.pl


Emitel Radio transmission towers operator Acquired in 2011 Status: Exited Poland

logo_emitelNational tower operator for broadcast transmission, cellular and data services. Operator of digital broadcast exchanges. Emitel provides services for three major groups of customers: television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, GSM telephony operators. V4C is a member of consortium of funds, led by Montagu, which has acquired the company in 2011. Following the acquisition, Emitel changed its operations from analogue television to a digital terrestrial platform with a nationwide reach. After completion of digital switchover, resulting in substantial growth of EBITDA, the Company has been sold in February 2014 to Alinda Capital Partners, a US infrastructure fund.

For more details about the company please visit: www.emitel.pl


MedLife Healthcare Services Acquired in 2009 Status: Exited Romania

logo_medlifeLeading provider of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services in Romania. The company owns and operates hospitals, clinics and laboratories and provides health service programs for business. MedLife services cover a wide range of medical specializations. The company has been established by well respected family and continues to grow dynamically by organic development and acquisitions of smaller clinics and hospitals. V4C acquired a significant minority stake in the business in 2009 amd exited the investment through an IPO on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the first private equity exit through the stock markets in Romania.

For more details about the company please visit: www.medlife.ro


Konsalnet Cash handling and security services Acquired in 2008 Status: Portfolio Poland

logo_konsalnetLeading provider of cash processing services in Poland and the largest security services player overall with a full range of security services. The company has been created as a result of merger of Skorpion (acquired by V4C in 2008), Konsalnet (acquired in 2009), G4S Polish operations (acquired in 2012), and a series of smaller acquisitions. The company operates in the entire territory of Poland, with branches in all major cities. It has over 25 thousand employees and uses the fleet of over 1.200 vehicles, including over 500 armoured vehicles. V4C has a controlling stake in the company.

For more details about the company please visit: www.konsalnet.pl


Fornetti Food franchise network Acquired in 2007 Status: Exited Poland

logo_fornettiThe company is the master franchiser of the Fornetti concept in Poland. It produces frozen pastries which are sold through a franchised network of over 200 outlets located in the entire Poland. Fornetti also produces pastries for major petrol stations networks and a range of other products for retail sales. The Fund acquired a majority stake in 2008. It subsequently sold down its ownership to a Polish investor, fully exiting the business in 2012.

For more details about the company please visit: www.fornetti.pl


FalconVision Manufacuring equipment Acquired in 2002 Status: Exited Hungary

logo_infopressProvider of vision based in-line quality control equipment in industrial production settings. FalconVision was founded in 1996 by an experienced team providing machine vision solutions for industry. BCEF entered the company in 2002 through a capital increase, supporting the further development of the product line and expansion of sales efforts in western markets. BCEF exited the company in 2006, through a sale to its managers.
For more details about the company please visit: www.falcon-vision.com


CR Media Advertising brokerage and radiostation network Acquired in 2001 Status: Exited Poland

logo_crmediaAn established advertising brokerage and internet player, the group also owned and operated local radio stations. BCEF acquired a blocking minority stake in 2001, which allowed CR Media to expand, acquire local radio stations and obtain a license for a new Warsaw station. The company was exited in stages: Radio operations were sold to Eurozet, the Polish subsidiary of Lagardere while the advertising and internet unit was merged with Warsaw listed Internet Group, with the fund selling shares in the public offering. The residual shareholding was sold to the original CR Media owners.


Infopress Printing Acquired in 2001 Status: Exited Romania

logo_infopressLeading Romanian provider of heat web-offset printing services to publishers and retailers. BCEF acquired a majority stake in 2001 alongside the original founders/managers. Following the investment, the company expanded its capacity to keep the pace with market growth and developed exports to Bulgaria. The company was sold to a strategic buyer in 2005.

For more details about the company please visit: www.infopress.ro


Topway Food production Acquired in 1999 Status: Exited Romania

logo_poligrafiaTopway was a leader in branded margarine with its Bunica brand and became a leader in the edible oil segments, outpacing multinationals with a genuine local image. BCEF invested in the company in 1999, acquiring a minority stake alongside its founders. BCEF supported the acquisition of several edible oil production assets, the growth of the consumer product portfolio and its national positioning. The brand portfolio was sold to a strategic buyer in 2005 while the edible oil assets where sold to different local investors, including the founder thereafter.


Poligrafia Printing Acquired in 1999 Status: Exited Poland

logo_poligrafiaProvider of heat web-offset printing services to publishers and retailers. BCEF acquired a majority stake in Warsaw Stock Exchange listed Poligrafia in 1999, launching a substantial development program. Under BCEF’s ownership, the company expanded significantly, opening a new factory site, and acquired a large competitor before being sold in 2005 to US printing group RR Donnelley.


Boyar Estates Wine production Acquired in 1998 Status: Exited Bulgaria

logo_konsalnetOne of the largest Central European producers, exporters and distributors of quality wines principally for western markets. BCEF acquired a minority stake in Domaine Boyar in 1998 alongside debt and equity investments by EBRD, helping to finance a consolidation of production assets and the construction of Europe’s most modern winery, opened in September 1999. BCEF engineered the merger of the company with its key domestic rival in 2000, creating the combined Boyar Estates. The company was fully exited in 2008 to the leading shareholder and manager.

For more details about the company please visit: domaineboyar


Allami Nyomda Security printing Acquired in 1997 Status: Exited Hungary

logo_anyHungary’s leading security printing services provider to public and private clients. The predecessor of Allami Nyomda was established in 1851 and was privatised in 1993. In 1997 BCEF acquired a significant minority stake, financing the company’s move into plastic based products such as credit and ID cards. After substantial growth, the stake was sold to Allami’s other shareholders in 2005, prior it the company’s listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange the same year.

For more details about the company please visit: www.any.hu